Mental Health Literacy

Increased isolation had widespread effects on mental health during the pandemic. As trustee, I will work to create supportive environments where students and staff can be free to express themselves and share their feelings. This means increased education for staff and educators about the mental health challenges our students may face so that they have the resources to understand and help these students when they are most in need of support.

I will advocate for a requirement for teachers and staff to have mandatory mental health training to help our students address the challenges they face.

I will support staff to work with mental health professionals and organizations to build programs for educators and staff to help respond to mental health challenges for students. Students have lacked in-person experiences with their peers and teachers, and I would increase funding for land-based learning to increase their sense of belonging to their class, school and community.

I will also advocate for increased mental health awareness training for our students, as they are our greatest asset and responsibility. In order for them to be able to address their own mental health needs, and those of their peers, they need to be able to identify them first. By increasing awareness and funding for training, we can make this a reality.