As a trustee, I will strengthen relationships between the school board and the Four Houses. Indigenous students in SD61 had a five-year graduation rate in 2020 of 49% compared to 83% for non-Indigenous students. This is unacceptable. To address this, we need reconciliation in our schools for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. This can be accomplished in part through land-based and cultural learning for all children.

We can only truly achieve reconciliation if we are all working together.

What does Reconciliation mean to me, and my actions on the board?

Reconciliation means, to me, coming together as one community to acknowledge and address the wrongs done towards the Indigenous peoples of Canada. It is up to all of us to help each other heal and learn. It will not be easy, as there has been far too much damage done. This is why it is a must that we all work toward this goal together.